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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PRESENTATION RECOMMENDATIONS ESSENTIAL CONTENT You need to explain and justify yourchosen ticket price You need to produce a presentation(PowerPoint) Logo Strapline Information from Model Charts Clear justifications House style (colour and fonts) TICKET PRICE AUDIENCE The Managing Director of Festivals UK MODEL EXAMPLES You need to include examplesfrom your model Tables? Costings? Charts? Break even?from your model SPEAKER'S NOTES Save you putting too much on slidesNeed to be detailedAre found below slides TECHNIQUES Make use of techniques such as Slide Master (original graphic?) Restrict slide content to a minimum End with "Thank you for watching" STRUCTURE HOW LONG You are advised to make the presentationno longer than five minutes Introductory slide (30 seconds) Slides One to Four (45 seconds each) Summary slide (30 seconds) Thanks for watching slide (10 seconds) DELIVER TO BUDDY This is an essential part of theprocess. It allows you to testthe presentation AND get some written feedback to record on yourActivity 2 review sheet SOURCES TABLES Remember to keep these up-to-datereferring to information about goodexamples of presentations andassets (pictures and graphics) that you usefrom the Internet, your model andother sources Fig1: Screenhot taken from the CAB This is a common formula used inprofessional presentations Say what you are going to say Say it Say what you've said End with "Thank you for watching"
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