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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Recombinant DNA What is Recombinant DNA? These DNA are produced by combining DNA from different sources. This DNA can replace a gene in an animals genome. When Recombinant DNA is used -When all the foreign DNA is combine they form into a circular DNA molecule known as a plasmid. -This circular DNA can be genetically modified so that it can be possible to mix the recombinant DNA with a culture of DNA that can transform millions of cells. When Recombinant DNA occurs It is made when "synthetic" sequences can join to "natural" ones using enzymes that spit up the DNA. Those same enzymes make it possible to make a gene from one organism and attach it to the DNA of another organism. that's how recombinant DNA is produced. Examples of Recombinant DNA Transforming Plant Cells -First the bacterium is inserted into a small DNA plasmid that produces rumors in the plant cells.-Then they inactivate the tumor-producing gene and they insert a piece of foreign DNA into the plasmid. -Finally the recombinant DNA plasmid can be then used to infect the plant cells to make a transgenic plant.-If the transformation is successful, the recombinant DNA is integrated into one of the chromosomes of the cell. Transforming Animal Cells -The animal calls can be transformed in some of the same ways as the plant cells. -Most of the eggs calls are.large enough for the DNA being injected into the nucleus.-When the DNA is inside the nucleus it is the DNA that is responsible to repair and recombination may help the foreign DNA to be injected.-As the DNA molecules are constructed the two winds sometimes recombine with specific sequences in the host chromosome. -Once they recombine the host gene can be found between those two sequences that may be lost or specifically replaced with a new gene.
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