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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 On Average: Recognizing and ReducingStress in Teens Teens report stresslevels of 5.8/10 - compared to adultlevels at 5.1/10! Due to Stress: 31% feel overwhelmed30% feel depressed36% feel tired/fatigued23% skip meals COMMON SIGNS OF STRESS: AnxietyWithdrawalAggressionPhysical illnessIrritabilitysleep difficulties/nightmaresInability to concentrateDrop in gradesEating concernsLosing/gaining weightUnexplained fearsRegression Isolation from family or peersRefusing to go to schoolDecrease in energyIncrease in caffeine or OTC painkiller useLoss of interest in appearanceCranky/moody/sad/down/hopelessDifficulty relaxingChanges in menstruationDifficulty organizing/planning making decisionsDrugs/alcohol useSense of dread HOW TO HELP THEM Encourage exercise, good nutrition and rest Relaxation exercisesTeach assertiveness skillsTeach practical coping and problem solving skillsDecrease and challenge negative self talkTake breaks/relaxPermission and ability to make and learn from mistakesStaying connected to family/friendsEncourage expression of feelings/needsBe aware of behaviors and emotionsAssist in selecting appropriate extracurriculars and limit overschedulingMODEL good emotional responses/monitor own stressSeek help - health care provider, teachers, counselors, social workers, psychologists. Sources:American Academy of Child and Adolescent PsychiatryAmerican Psychological AssociationNational Association of School PsychologistsRaisingChildren Problems occur whenthe stress is greaterthan the ability to cope
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