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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tayyipyean Family RECEBIA Beginning from 2023, Recep Tayyip Erdogan becomes the main authority of Middle East. He takes the control of whole area that specified by religious factors. As ‘’the one and only man’’, he becomes the arbiter on his peoples choices and has the power of deciding and governing which is not limited.Not only their mentality or thoughts; his authority involves even the peoples freedom of having an unique external appearance.Because he believes that every citizen must look just like him; with same features, same gestures and of course with the same moustache. RECEBIA This obligation also causes assimilation of Middle East cultures. When people start behave the same and look the same, there is no cultural heritage left to share and transfer to the new generation.History becomes unilateraland distorted.The Government of Recebia becomes the termination of civil wars but it leads the whole Middle East to an enormous war with outer hubs.(dış mihraklar) There is no concept of love, flirt or attractiveness because everyone look the same. For example, Murad Tayyib Erdogdu builds his family according to the laws. Therefore, when he finds a partner he gets married and makes three children as the government wishes so. This man is perfectly happy with the application and encourages his acquaintances in order to produce more children who carry Erdoğans face. The opposite groups are not tolerated. The government does not shelter anarchist. Most of them tries to carry out their ideal in Cubas border. With Swiss scientists, they are looking for the ways for plastic surgery which will bring a certain result. Osman is one of them. He still maintains his struggle to organize the people in Recebia and make a revolution.The government repress his family who still live in Recebia and blocks allcommunication channels. Inner Party The government is still looking for the citizen who is called ''Ahmet Mahcubyan''. It is known that when the doctors came for setting up the mask, his family saved their son somehow. Then he made a transportable mask to hide himself and he breaks the rules by not changing himself but has learned how to manage without gettingcaught. They also believe in Tayyip's ideal at the cost of theirs life. Therefore,they are ready to decide to end one'slife, to make someone vaporized. If onlyhe/she be against the society. During the pregnancy, the doctors who are authorized by the government do the necessary measurements and create the suitable mask for the baby. This mask merges with the face and continues its development naturally by passing years. Many years ago, he only wanted his citizens should have the same thought process with him and he had no respect towards different ideas. However, it got worse and now he can not tolerate any opposition including physical appearance. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his council of ministers are the advancedguards of system. ''One and only man'' Tayyip and members of the party havethe authority to create or rule out thelaws.
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