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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SOURCES You are free: to Share - to copy, distribute and transmit the work. Created by TEKFuzion, LLC Reasons Your Business Gets Hacked! Hackers can be external or even internal to your business!Disgruntled employees as well as the more traditional solo and group hacker organizations across the world all pose serious threats to your organization. Naive and Disgruntled Employees BYOD - Employees Bringing their Own Devices Using the Cloud without Security Precautions Lack ofAccess toSecurityExpertise Low Prioritizationof IT Security >Stolen Data>Compromised Systems/Network>Business is Down>Lawsuits Visiting Harmful Websites AVG Count of Threats by Infected Websites:Porn: 4.4Automotive: 3.1Military: 3.0 415 Newly Documented Mobile Device Vulnerabilitiesfor 2012 Using Mobile Devices w/o Protection & Policies Breakdown of Mobile Threats:32% Steal Information25% Traditional 15% Track User Top Industries with Data Breach OccurrencesHealthcare 36% of total breachesEducation 16% of total breachesGovernment 13% of total breachesAccounting 9% of total breaches Using Social Media from Work Create Weak Passwords 40% of Adults use Weak passwordsfor email, social media, and even their bank accounts. News Headline: 2/22/2013 - Microsoft employees hacked;Azure Cloud Services Inaccessible The Percent of Businesses that were Hacked in the past 12 Months! 90% Annual Cloud Computing Incidents (reported ones)Increased from 33 in 2009 to 71 in 2011 Lack of Reviewing Cloud Authorization & Authentication Policies Lack of Encryptionfor Data & Connectivity Missing Advanced Security Features Including Customized Firewall Rules &Intrusion Prevention Minimal (if any)IT Security Reviews,Procedures, & Policies Employees havefull-access to datathey can take with them Accessing the CloudRemotely with Mobile Devices (on unsecured networks) Top 3 Cloud Computing Threats1) Abuse & Nefarious Use2) Insecure Interfaces & APIs3) Malicious Insiders Reported Mobile HacksRose 600% in 2012compared to 2011 75% of Firewallsare not ConfiguredProperly $157.00 - The AVG Cost to Companiesper Record Breached 96% of Data Breach Victimswere hacked using techniquesthat are not difficult.
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