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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Theme Don't let anyone control the way you do things. double click to change this title text! Reality Boy by: A.S. King double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Character The antagonist helps support the theme because his sister ruins his life. She has ruined his and his other sisters life since they were young and the sister got tiredof it so she left to England when 18. The parents aloud itthough. She is the reason he's in Special Ed even thoughhe's smart. She's like 20 and still lives in her parentsbasement with her boyfriend. She's ruining his life. Plot Gerald wanted his sister to stop ruining his life but his parents were to stuck inhis sisters world so he decided to runaway with Hannah and his dad madehim come back and they moved awayfrom the mother and sister. Objective Summary The plot helps support the theme because his sister put him intoSpecial Ed and he's not even needed in there, he's smart. Shedoesn't like her siblings and her mother always sticks up for herlike she didn't do anything wrong. She also made him look reallybad on reality TV with the nanny. She'd make it look like he wasthe bad one when really it was her fault and she was the bad one.Since she never left home, Gerald and Hannah decided they weredone with their life in PA and ran away to Florida to join the circus.Since that wasn't the best choice they went home week later and Gerald and his dad moved into the house they've always wantedand left the sister and mother at the old house. Setting The setting helps support the theme because the house isa mess and they live near a big city. They ran away toFlorida because the sister threw a part that was reallybad because it involved alcohol and drugs.That wasn't avery good party so he decided it was enough and went toHannah's house, picked her up, and ran away with her.They then came back and it was a much better life theywere having since the sister wasn't involved.
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