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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Real Estate Agent A Realtor rents, buys, and sells property for clients. They perform duties such asstudy property listings, interview clients, accompany clients to property sites,and draw up real estate contracts. They sell and rent out buildings and land forclients. A real estate agent represents a buyer or seller in a real estatetransaction in exchange for commission. A bachelor's degree isn't requiredbut it is strongly recommended.You must complete a few coursesto get a real estate license depending on the state you live in. Required Classes Salary The salary of a real estat agent dependson how many houses you sell in a year.For every house you sell you get a percent of the money. So the income ofevery realtor isn't consistent. Hours A real estate agent does not have anyset hours that they have to work aweek. They get to come up with aschedule that works best for themand their clients. Skills *Active Listening*Speaking*Negotiation*Time Management*Self- Motivation*Problem Solver Best Location The best location for this job is in anarea that you know very well. It ishelpful to know where everything isso you can provide your client with all available information. Cons Pros *Have control over your hours*You're not at a desk all day long*Very rewarding to find someone their dream home *Weekends can be busy*Trusted with someone's life savings*Last minute problems
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