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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Simple notes for readout March - 03 - 2015 Tuesday ENAS Team Profile 5 - 7 mins Hi, This is Aditya. I will be taking you through the ENAS profile. (Team profile chart comes up) 0. (Allow them to take a look at the chart) 1. Explain the chart, X-Axis, Y-Axis, Color Coding 1. Start the story (The technical foundation of this team is the rich Enterprise Experience, excellent Academic career & good Managerial exposure ) 2. Considering the Enterprise Experience, we've got ppl from HP, NetApp, Motorola, CGI, Sun etc...3. Coming to the Academic profiles, the learnings from leading diverse institutions like IIT, NIT, IIITs, IISc, Carnegie, Symbiosis etc is still playing a noticeable role..4. (Talk about the counts) System Management 2 mins VDM Sync - Virtual Data Mover; Abstracts a groups of FS and its associated objects; makes easy handling of these objects. (Explain "VDM Sync", "RP" or "Symmetrix" ) VDM Sync in Gateway a. USD asked us to help them, and we immediately jumped in on their baseline changes b. Challenges : i. We entered late in the game & it was a very tight schedule ( working for almost 7 days ) ii. Humongous test cases (as many as 300 TCs) had to be tested iii. We also had few last minute changes VDM Sync in eNAS (now for Indus) : Now work in progress! Early Engagement 2 mins Purpose : To identify any corner cases missed during the NAS LAB activity. Teams Involved: Teams within EMC who have the working experience with VNX gateway (Proven IT/Global IT, CSE, Global Support) Areas tested: Basic install, upgrades; Sanity & CAVA; NFS/CIFS; File & Block I/O's parallely Challenges: These teams were very reluctant initially to work & we have to push them a lot for getting testing done.
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