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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reading Comprehension Tip Sheet By: Caitlin Genord Blooms Taxonomy Sentence Starters Ask questions that challenge students to think deeper than the plot. Challenge students to write sentences about the text using a sentence starter from each bubble. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. -This reminds me of...-I have a connection: -An experience I've had like that..-This text has impacted me to... double click to change this title text! Connec t Evaluat e -I agree with... because...-I don't think... because...-This is the most important part of the story... because... Questio n -I wonder...-How come...-I'm confused...-What if...-Why... Visualize/Se nse -In my mind I picture..-I can see..-I can taste/feel/smell/hear... -This object symbolizes..-This figurative language means..-The author's purpose here is to...-The author is order to... Note Literary Devices Infer/Predi ct -I think..-Maybe this means..-I'm guessing..-This allows me to assume..-I predict.. because... Test Taking Strategies Read the QUESTIONS first! Scan the passagefor vocabulary words and read the context. ALWAYS refer back to the passage before answering questions Look for keywords like:first, then, next, finally Main idea is usually stated at the beginning and again at the end. Read all of the choices. Eliminate wrong answers
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