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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reader's Workshop Assignment The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Detective Mystery Fiction Theme The theme is that a mystery can, in theory, always be solved.Sherlock Holmes, the protagonist of the story, is asked tohelp numerous people who come to him with a seemingly hopeless situation, but Holmes always manages to figureout the problem in some way in the end through his skills of deduction and methods of solving the problem. Main Character Plot-Line Star Rating Overall, I give the Adventuresof Sherlock Holmes a four out of five star rating. The stories are gripping and thought-provoking,sure to entertain any fan of the moreclassic reads of the literary world orany fan of a good mystery, SherlockHolmes or otherwise. I would notrecommend the stories to someoneunfamiliar with archaic English, asthe story is filled with it, occasionallymaking it difficult to understand. AR Question Over the course of the short stories,Holmes solves problems for variousclients and solves various crimes inEngland. To name a few, he assiststhe Prince of Bohemia in trying toavoid a scandal, he figures out howa rare gem known as the Blue Carbuncle winds up in the crop of a goose,finds out who stole the gems from a beryl coronet, discovers why a groupknown as the Red-Headed League disbanded without warning, and attemptsto help a man being pursued by the KKK, Where did Sherlock Holmes saythe Blue Carbuncle originated from?A. The Mekong River in CambodiaB. The Congo River in AfricaC. The Amoy River in ChinaD. The Thames River in London Eric Etzenhouser The main character of the story is Sherlock Holmes, adetective living at 221B Baker Street in London, England. He is a very unusual, somewhat egotistical character who solves crimes and mysteries as a private investigator,a man of average strength who smokes a pipe. Throughoutthe series of short stories in the book, an enduring conflictof Holmes is Person vs. Person, in which he matches witswith many different criminals and masterminds.
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