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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SuiLeaders: Wendi, YangdiAccomplishments: rebuiltthe Great Wall, and builtThe Grand Canal.Grand Canal increasedtrade and connected China.Farmers revolted ending thedynasty and killing Yangdi. China Project TangLeaders: TaizongEmpress Wu.Accomplishments:many reforms restored the civilservice exam system.China regained power inAsia and took the silk road. Song Leaders: unknownAccomplishments: trade increased, and Chinaprospered. Supported building of Buddhisttemples. YuanLeaders: Genghis Khan,Kublai Khan.Accomplishments: conqueredChina, and reached its height of wealth and power.Also captured silk road. MingLeaders: Zhu Yuanzhang,Yong LeAccomplishments: Built large palaces and the Imperial city. Also builtbeautiful gardens inthe forbidden city. Restoredcivil service examinations and made the tests harder. Religions BuddhismBuddhism had a major effect in China for one main reason, everyone was worried about what happened in the after lifenot what was happening in thisworld. So in result the farmers were more worried about the after life and not about supplyingthe kingdom with food. ConfucianismConfucianism taught peoplethat this life is as importantas the after life. This was to counter Buddhisms belief that the after lifeis more important thanthis life. Confucianismwas meant to get people tofocus on this life as wellas the after life. Inventions and technology silkSilk was a valuable material that was mainly used for clothes. It was gatheredby workers who had to unravel thecocoons to make silk thread. porcelainPorcelain is fine clay and baked at high temperatures.Porcelain was traded for gold,silver, and fine woods. printingPrinting was important in China for several reasons. Oneis that you could make books faster and in a higher quantity.Thus reducing the price of books.Another reason is that they thencreated a paper money system. paperPaper was used to write and or print on.Paper made it easierto do many things.One is trade and a paper basedmoney system. currencyCurrency made trade and many other things easier, one of the advantages of currencyalso is having something to bargain/trade with other kingdomsor cultures. gunpowderGunpowder could be used forseveral things, one is a fire lancean ancestor of a gun. Another use is fire works. compassThe Main use for the compassis sailing You can go fatheraway from land. This helpedthe Chinese explore much more. . Key Terms Calligraphy: Beautiful handwriting: the art of producing beautifulhandwriting. Economy: Organized way in which people produce, sell,and buy goods and services. Reform: Change that tries tobring about an improvement. Warlord: military leader who runs a government. Wendi: Military leader andfounder of the Sui dynasty. Empress Wu: Only woman in Chinese history to rule thecountry on her own. Genghis Khan: Ruled china and Mongolia. It also means strongruler. Steppes: wide, rolling, grassyplains that stretch from theBlack Sea to northern China. . Gobi: A vast desert that coversparts of Mongolia and China. Marco Polo: A famous Europeantraveler to reach China. Kublai Khan: Genghis Khan'sgrandson. Zhu Yuanzhang: rebel leader whobecame emperor.
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