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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Salary Skills As a beginning wage, one can expect an average yearlysalary of about $42, 660, to up to a maximum of around $147, 780, averaging at a median $84, 320 annually. Biophysicists must be well experienced in the laboratory environment. You are expected to be able to skillfully analyze data, use fundamental math concepts with competence, think critically to solve problems you may encounter, have interpersonal skills, and be able to readily communicate your findings and ideas to other individuals in simple manners. Biophysicist By combining the scientific fields of biology and physics, biophysicists analyze organismsand their chemical & physical properties. They look into cells and genetics, involving DNA, proteins & enzymes etc, and study evolution as well as how genetic traits are transferred from parent to offspring. Biophysicists also aim to understand the how organisms can be affected by substances including hormones, food, drugs and serums, as well as processes such as metabolism & growth by observing the chemicals and their reactions that take place. They even study things like the brain and it's several functions and abilities such as the ability tolearn. In doing these studies, biophysicists help society advance in its scientific and medical knowledge. Research is often done in laboratories within local, state, or private schools and colleges or universities. Grant money is given to aid in any financial costs.Biophysicists often work with biochemists,engineers, and other experts since theirwork is very closely linked to one another. Workplace A Bachelors or Masters degree in math, physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, computer science or any other similar fields of study, is beneficial especially for an entry level in biophysics.All biophysicists planning to work independently and conduct their own researches are required to have earned a Ph.D. in biophysics, and even an M.D if possible. Equipment Biophysicists must exercisesafety when working due to theirinvolvement with potentially lethalsubstances and organisms.Some noteworthy equipment they use during work are lazers, accelerators, electron microscopes and mass spectrometers. Education Solving Current Problems.Benefits to Society Biophysicists have helped us find, diagnose and treat many illnesses, genetic disorders and diseasessuch as chronic heart failure, which can be treated with an instrument invented by Berlin Heals that fixes the patterns of your heart beat.They have also synthesized drugs and medication, such as Marinol Oral, which can help us combat illnesses like cancer.They have artificially modified some food that we eatto allow them to contain more nutrients, give a moreabundant quantity of food, and resist pests or harshweather etc. They have helped us become a more eco-friendlysociety with their methods to reduce pollution suchas the use of bio-fuels as a renewable source of energy. Theories Based on the overview of what biophysicists do,we can conclude that many of the theories involved in this field of sciene are from those found in chemistry, evolution, quantum physics and mechanics etc. Some may include Darwin's Theory of Evolution which explains the theory of evolution, Valence Bonding Theory which explains the hybridization of energy shells in an atom, or Mendel's Law's which explain how genetic traits can be passed on to the next generation and even skipgenerations etc.
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