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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Climate Change* Rainforest exposed to a lot of sunlight * Leads to fires* Eventually becomes a desert due to its disruption of the water cycle Species Destruction* 70% of animals live in the forest* Up to 28,000 species could be lost in the next 25 years* Negative consequences include reduced information on cancer research Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources RainforestLogging RainforestLogging Selective Logging* Falling of one tree brings down more* Exposes rainforest to more sunlight causing fires Slash and Burn* Used primarily by farmers* Trees burnt while being cut down* Most efficient way to clear land Clear Cutting* Most popular method* Large areas of forest cut down* Leave behind debris and useless, open land The negative affects behind this popular deforestation practice Results 6% Amount of earth that rainforests covered before logging Amount of earth that rainforests cover now 1.5 7.3 Million hectares of rainforest destroyed per year Types Threats and Solutions Statistics Threats behind logging* High demand for hardwood floor and furniture* Burn trees for energy from power plants* Cattle farmers want land By Andrew Hasik 14% Acres of rainforest destroyed each second from logging Solutions to logging* Carefully manage amount of clear cutting of trees* Replace most of logged trees with young trees* Continue to create new tree plantations* Enact laws that restrict logging in certain areas
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