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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The rainforest is located in parts of South America, Africa, Indiaand southeast Asia. Rain forests are home to small primatesbird species mostly parrots and macaws, some snakes, lizards, frogs, fish, and several species of bigcats such as tigers, pumas, leopards, jaugar, panther, servals, and ocelots. Plants that are in the rainforest,are mostly trees like the Brazilnut, Kapok, and Plam trees. The flowers are firgs, orchids and ramifloras Rainforest Biome The temperature rises in January, then slowly goes down and drops at July then it starts to go backup all through December then starts a pattern over and over again. The most average weather patterns are mostly rain, because it's a thriving jungle with many plants. But it also becomes very humid because of the sun. The rainforest is mostly made up of jungle which have trees, flowers, vines, and streams running through it, sometimes there are ancientruins which are mostly located in South America there can also be hills or mountains. Endangered species of animals are the rainforest elephant in southeast Indonesia, the puma in SouthAmerica, a series of tree frogs in all rainforests, sun bear in India, monkeys/apes, several species of big cat, and numerous species of birds. The reason for these animals dying out is because of poachers, trees getting cut down by logging companies illegally, and the streams being poisoned with oil or palm oil.
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