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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mountainous Star Coral Threat to Coral Reefs Conservation Value to Humanity A majority of marine life start in coral reefs . Without coral reefs, a large fraction of the earth's biodiversity will be gone. Coral Bleaching Storm frequency Food and Resources Biodiversity People Life as we know it Conservation Ocean Acidification Coral reefs have less time to recover after the frequency of storms increase from climate change. Changes in ocean temperatures and irradiance levels cause coral reefs to lose zooxanthellae. This causes the reefs to lose color, making the corals vulnerable to disease. Wake up! Spread Awareness! The long generation period and slow growth rate makes the conservation for this species essential in relation to the rate of decreasing corals Mountainous Star Coral(Montasraea Faveolata) the many Conserving Coral Reefs The release of CO2 emissions from human activities are absorbed by the ocean.This destroys the balance of CO2 being absorbed and released through the ocean, lowering the pH, making the ocean more acidic. Over the time span of decades, this species of coral diminished rapidly Think about the people that are affected by the destruction of coral reefs. About one third of marine life are living in these coral reefs. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Half a Billion people depend on coral reefs for food and resources. " Reefs are worth between US$ 172- 375 billion per annum." "Zooxanthellae provide coral with 80% of their nutrients." Coral Reefs are the "Rain forests" of the sea.
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