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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Random acts of kindness Clean a neighbour's walk Offer your seat (people with cane, pregnant, with child, lots of bags & probably tired) Let another go first Cashiers, Bus Drivers : Smile, Greet & Thank them (even more if they don't) Hold the door open & Open the door for others Bring up the bag of junk mail for neighbour Help people be conscious of how amazing/inspiring they are & +influence they have on you Look into people's eyes Be on time (10 min before) Keep common spaces clean When asking something ... Pourriez-vous svp me dire oรน est ... If neighbour is working on something ask if you can help Say you're welcome & really mean (be) it Don't go along with gossip, try to help clarify the real cause of others hostility Listen to complaints but focus >>> time on solutions Help carry someone's heavy bag How to show people you respect them EVEN IF you don't personally know/like them at first If there's limited/lack of WILL/JOY of being, you can't CREATE/BUILD your life/relationships + Give more then basic courtesy Offer an Honest Compliment : I like talking to you, I enjoyed talking to you, Great job ! Leave a good tip Pick up after somebody who left their trash/newspaper Your personality/way-experience of being/life tends to match the experience of those you spend time with Eventually even basis courtesy towards your body, edu/$/skills, them & people in general will dry up If you attempt to built/give without foundation of joy of being/courtesy, no one will want to help/receive you Try something new, see life from a new lens : Type of place, food, music, hobby, talk show, learn about a work, book, .. that's +/- WAY out your zone of comfort/interest Remember a time you were overwhelmed by a crime or tragedy, treated VERY unkindly & criticized/ganged up against at the worst time ... if a peson seems unconscious/hostile
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