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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Racism in D1 sports 1940 1970 1990 2000 1960 2015 In the 1940s, black student-athletes were unheard of. Division one schools were almost completely white, and their sports teams were too. In the 1960s, black student-athletes had begun to integrate into D1 sports. Some were upset, and black students were not given the educational support they needed to participate. Kareem Abdul Jabar is one of the best basketball players ever out of UCLA in this era Black student-athletes were given more opportunities to play due to the few who proved their abilities. The 1970s were provided with many great black players who went on to become great pro players as well. (Magic Johnson and others), In 1990, there were well more black student athletes then ever before. They over populated whites in some sports. Some of the best athletes ever came out of the 90s and are black. By the 2000, Race is completely not a factor at all. Black people are even dominating athletics, and are graduating more than ever before. Black athletes today take over the majority of D1 athletics. Scholarships are given out evenly. Graduation rates are at an all time high, and black students' graduation rates are only a few percentages lower than whites'. Today, black student-athletes are more likely to graduate then those who do not participate in a sport. Graduation rates for Black student athletes was less than half Patrick Silverman
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