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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 There are a few percentages regarding racial profiling, here are a couple. RacialProfiling Now days everyone in America is blind. Rightnow we are supposed to be in an era of peace and equality but instead we constantly face racial profiling between all races. But, the most affected races are blacks and Hispanic. By Arrington Ervin 1. 33% of African Americans are contained in jail more than whites after felony 2. 10% of Blacks get longer sentences. 3. 52% of whites exhibit hatred toward Hispanics 6. 51% of people expressed hatred toward blacks. 5. 80% of people pulled over in NYC were black and Latino. 4.50% of people under 18 in America are minorities Work Cited Facts 1. Racial Profiling began during slavery as a way to keep track of the slaves who were freed. 2. Racial Profiling happens to all races, but the most affected races are Hispanics and Blacks. 3. Many organizations were formed because of the unfair racial acts occurring in America. 4. Racial profiling results to people going to jail for no reason, unjustified deaths, and furious citizens. 5. Racial profiling is illegal. It has clearly been stated in the Constitution.
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