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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Profiling Racial Crime ReductionWhen an officer performs a racial profile, this limits the amount of crime and helpspolice protect our society Misconception on Issues When creating laws designed for racial profiling, will most likely lead to more harm rather then help because this will hold up actual police work This could cause ordinary people to become a distrustful citizen of police and can spark up tension between minorities and law enforcements False Accusation Tragic Endings Most of the time when police officers do a racial profile, it has nothing to do with their race but because they are in an awful neighborhood which can unfortunately settle on people of color PROS CONS Others of a different race will make people feel suspicious, therefore of a law enforcement will feel the need to search those people and that is discrimination Systemic Profiling Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Sometimes when people are racially profiled, it could lead to a sudden death of an innocent person Combat Racial Profiling Prevention Racial Profiling should not be done because some awful things have happen to innocent people and have brought a lot of tension between minorities. This is done from people who may feel threatened by others solely on their race or ethnicity which is discrimination Conclusion . Racial Profiling. Issues & Controversies. Infobase Learning, 3 Sept. 2012. Web. 25 Nov. 2014. < Is racial profiling a necessary police practice? By: Sophia Gerstle Per: 2
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