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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rabies Leptospira Interrogans Dogs Dogs are the mostcommon transmitter of Rabies world wide, mostly in India and Africa, or other third world countries. Bats Skunks have one of highest number of Rabies infections per year in North America. Skunks with Rabies will often attack curious pets, who then in turn maybite their owners. Skunks Rabies is a deadly disease usually transmittedthrough contact with an infected animal's saliva. Once symptoms are shown, Rabies is almost always fatel. Transmition There are two different types of Rabies, furious and dumb. Furious rabies is themost dangerous kind, as animals are often highly aggressive.This dog is in the late stages of dumb Rabies. He will soon die of respiratory failure Distribution of risk levels for humans contracting Rabies, worldwide, 2011 Bats are the toptransmitter of Rabies in first world countries, as they can easily sneak into houses unnoticed.Moreover their teeth are so small that their bites often go undetected. The paler shades of red indicatecountries with a lower risk of human Rabies contraction, while the opposite is true of the darker shades of red. Early symptoms of rabies include; fever, headache, weakness, confusion, paralysis, hyper salivation, excessive swallowing and fear of water.Death usually occurs withing days of the onset of symptoms. World Rabies dayis an important event, as it spreads awareness to many people about this deadly disease. World Rabies day is on September the 28 each year. The Rabies virus infects the central nervous system of an affected mammal and is eventually fatal.
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