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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BOTTLES vs BOWLS Many rabbits prefer a bowl*. They can drink more water in a quicker time. Larger surface area & sheltered location = slower to freeze in winter. Fresh water should always be available for your rabbits, but they often have a preference to what they will drink from. Try both a bowl and bottle to see which they like the best! BENEFITS POSITION TIPS Cannot get tipped over.Sealed units so bedding and food cant get in.Easy to measure how much your rabbits are drinking. A low enough spout for elderly, young or small rabbits to reach. Use several bottles for multiple rabbits & as back up for one falling off! Make sure the bowl is onfloor level, and not anywhere it might fall off! Stop water freezing in winter withan insulating cover or an old sock. Use a Snugglesafe microwavableheat pad under the bowl to stop the water freezing. TYPES HEAVY, CERAMIC BOWLS are best as they cant get kicked over. STEEL BALL BEARING - only allows water out when the rabbit licks the spout.SIPPY WATER BOTTLES - leak less and are more durable. CLEANING Refresh the bowl several times a day to clear it of hay, newspaper and even poops! Scrub regularly with a bottle brush......or add dry rice to the bottle and shake to remove dirt. WATER FOR RABBITS IN SUMMER... Spray fresh grass, vegetables, herbs & wild plants with an unused misting bottle for extra water intake. Your rabbit can cool down beside an old pop bottle filled with water, frozen and wrapped in a tea towel. *Tschudin, A., Clauss, M., Codron, D., Liesegang, A., Hatt, J.M. (2011) 'Water intake in domestic rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) from open dishes and nipple drinkers under different water and feeding regimes.', Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition,95(4), pp. 499-511.
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