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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 COMMUNISM CHINA RUSSIA Freedom of speech was not honored under communist rule. The people suffered greatly, most of the people were starving and below the poverty line. The government alsocontrolled the number of children people were supposed to have. All aspects of freedom were not present. The communist party was greatly influenced by Lennist ideas and Marxism. The government had centralized the state, media and the military. Full control was given to the lawmakers. Like most countries under communist rule, China shut down trade and stopped foreign relations. Also, because of this new inventionswere not made due to the lack of resources or foreigners to learn from. Military was at it's strongest since most of the funds for the development of the country were going to the military. More weaponry and advancement in terms of strategies and tactical planning were also present. Men were required to enlist themselvesin the army. Sources: With a country under communist rule, the economy was stagnant because there were no investors, stock to sell, shares to invest on since everyone was equal in terms of monetary wealth. The economy did not go up or down, it was a flat line for China. Freedom of speech was not honored and those who opposed the government were killed or tortured. Farmers, suffered the most because they were assassinated. Most people lived below the poverty line and majority died of malnutrition. Lenin formed a group of communists called the Bolsheviks.They adapted Marxism to the needs of Russia and theyoverthrew the Czars. After the death of Lenin, Russia was then passed to Stallin who was later than considered a tyrant because of his brutality to the people. In the beginning of communism the Russians were given a sense of freedom and the arts and literature thrived.But when Stallin took over all of the freedom was taken a way and the church was also banned. More money was given to the use of weapons, gun powder, bombs etc. They also made sure that militaryshould give people a sense of fear. The military were the ones had to kill millions of peoplewho disobeyed the communist party. Military in Communist Russia flourished. Due to Stallin's five year plan Russia was able to catch up with the other foreign countries in terms on industrialization. Jobs were difficult because if you didn't work hard you will be killed, but if you do work hard you will be rewarded and treated as a hero.
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