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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 P2P Experience (%) 4 Projects14 Years Business ProcessesControlsBusiness Intelligence FunctionalityTechnology Liaison Procurement Project ManagementSupplier Enablement Change ManagementCommunications & Training 20% - Consult and gain input from all major BU stakeholders and EA's (primary requisitioners)- Run stakeholder workshops to present preliminary P2P roadmap and brainstorm ideas- Meet with enablers: Finance, HR, Legal, IT for input to overall functionality & impacts- Take back to procurement and technologyteams for discussion - input to P2P functionality- Present to senior leadership team and gain endorsement and sponsorship for program rollout ConsultationWorkshopsSponsorship ConsultationWorkshopsSponsorship - Daily meetings with IT to gain progress updates, understand system issues, limitations, bugs- Daily meetings include two-way feedback on system capabilities, business rules and learnings- Drive weekly teleconferences withglobal procurement IT team- Weekly comms to procurement managers re progress of technical build - Draft and agree tasks, timings & ownership with procurement team, IT and sponsors- Develop project plan including risks, dependencies, mitigating steps & contingencies- Daily informal updates, 2 x weekly meetings with procurement managers and IT- Oversee procurement manager contact with suppliers re enablement preparedness- Ensure timings and deliverables are met- Weekly status updates to CPO / project owner- Oversee supplier onboarding program including catalogue upload 20% 20% 25% 15% - Review and share best practice capabilities for integration of seamless automated P2P system- Template development for specifications capture- Expertise on and documentation of businessrules design, compliance requirements and exceptions- Input to business intelligence & reporting requirements for procurement, finance and accounts payable- Input to business intelligence output formats (user interface) 2 in-house solutions1 SAP1 Ariba - Develop & manage change management plan- Develop change management comms to procurementmanagers, key stakeholders, enablers, sponsors, CPO- Weekly comms to above and run scheduled update meetings- Create training materials - P2P portal user guides forstakeholders, procurement & suppliers- Run training sessions across BU's, and with procurement managers to train suppliers- Document process maps, workflows, process and procedures tied to procurement policy
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