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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Good, Bad... Or Both? The Rubber Boom 1885-1908 Good Outcomes of the Rubber Boom: - It was an effect of the Industrial Revolution.It "civilized" the CongoFree State. - The Congo Free State was known for its vast supply of Ivory, minerals and rubber. - Leopold was notified that the Congo was a country thatcould make him and Belgiumrich. - Leopold gained control over the entire countryand its people. The Rubber Boom was an exciting thing for the Europeans, but a horrifying experience for the people of the Congo Free State Picture of Africans melting latex Flag Of Congo Free State - King Leopold the Second was in control of the CongoFree State. - The Rubber Boom created tires for cars and bikes, and tools for machines, which "modernized" Africa and Europe. Bad Outcomes of the Rubber Boom: - About 10 million Africanswere killed during the timeof the Rubber Boom. - Slavery played a bigpart during this timeperiod. The Europeansworked the Africans a lot. - The only way to transportthe rubber from the treesback to the city was todab the sap on their bodies, and then peel it off them. - If the Africans were to disobey, they would get their hands chopped off from their bodies - The population of TheCongo Free State droppedby 20%. - The "workers" barely got any pay, even when theyhad a family to provide for. As you can see, The Rubber boom had both a good and a bad effect for different people. It was a great thing for King Leopold and Europe, but a tragic event for the people of the Congo Free State.As Europe gained its riches, The Congo lost a lot of people and all their raw materials. They also lost there way of life to the Europeans. R. Praim1/14/15Global Red Here shows the population from The Congo Free Stateduring the time of the Rubber Boom. The Red indicatesthat 80% of the human population still remained,but the blue shows that 20%from 100% has died due to Leopold and his obsessionto make the Congo "modernized" 80% 20%
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