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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] Should the One and Done Rule still be followed? NO YES "an NBA restriction that requires all players entering the NBA draft tobe at least nineteen years old or have completed their freshman year of college." (EBSCOhost) Some high school basketball players are already talented enough to play in the NBA.Examples: Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Lebron James,Amare Staudimire and Tyson Chandler, and Monta Ellis ( One and Done Rule Defined Owners and coaches are the ones willing to invest in them.Their jobs focus primarily on recruiting and they know the best out of anyone if these talented players are good enoughto play in the NBA. High School straight to NBA Owners Willing to Invest Ruins Integrity of College Basketball The one and done rule decreases the integrity of college basketball becauseInstead of players staying and playing all four years of college basketballthey simply play for one season and leave to join the NBA. Not a Real College Experience NBA ready college basketball players arespending most of their time on thebasketball court practicing and playing gameswhile only taking basic general education classesthat are usually completed in high school. "minimum GPA required for athletes to be eligibleto play is only a 2.3" (Education Week). Get an Education These players are able to get a free education atthe college level. The NBA may not work outwell for talented college players and having acollege degree is a great back-up plan. Scholarships A lot of people already believe that theseathletes are being paid because they aregiven full ride scholarships to their universities."the sticker price of tuition, room, and board fora full-time student pursuing a four-year degree was$21,189, or 34 percent of the median family's income" ( means that these players are gettingaround $22,000 dollars in scholarship moneya year. CollegeExperience Having players join the NBA straight from high school could beproblematic because these players are only 18 and are signingmulti-million dollar contracts. These players are still kidsand are still maturing. Forcing them to play in college and geta college experience would allow them to mature and preparethem to play in a league consisted of men.
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