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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Factoring in all aforementioned expenditures associatedwith various costs incurred by the GoR in implementingthe RPS Program, the gross overall total cost to theGovernment of Rwanda can be estimated at$29,862,238 (~ $30 million). RPSP Rwanda | Presidential | Scholarship | Program 357 54 A flagship initiatives aimed at developing local skills and talents through offering best performing Rwandan students the opportunity to study abroad and access quality education, especially in the areas of Science, Technology and Engineering. Masters Degree Levels Bachelors Graduated Costs & Waiver ~ $ 28 Million All RPSP MoU participating institutions offersome level of scholarship tuition waiver including 50% (Master's), 75% and 100% (Undergrad). Overallwaiver for 411 scholars is estimated at approx. $28 million. ~ $28 million 2. The cost of a 4 year undergraduate program is estimated at$70,000 and that of a one year Master's program at $26,000. On top of the tuition and living allowance,the GoR caters for the monthly stipend and air freightfor all RPSP scholars. The overall cost of these two costsis estimated at approximately $ 4 million. ~ $28 million ~ $70,000 MoU HLIs Scholarships Overall Waiver Cost / Scholar (Bachelor) Cost to GoR (411 scholars) Overall Cost (GoR) ~ $30 million 411 255 21 HLIs & Scholars (2006 - 2014) 4 The RPSP was established in 2006.Subsequently 4 MoU were signed with US HLIsAs of December 2014, 255 scholars had graduatedout of the 411 that have so far enrolled. 3. 1. Majority (357) scholarships are Bachelors levelMainly BS in Sciences (201) & Engineering (180)MS in Engineering (38) as well asa few (16) that acquired an MBA
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