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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametconsectetur adipsisicing elit, sed Ridgewood Public School's First Infographic Created for you withthe help of the Juniors! @Team202_RPS@Team224_RPS In Ms. Clements & Mrs. Oke's Class! Grade 4's Grade 6's Grade 5's Junior Students Favourite School Subjects at RPS 1 13 10 We practiced collectingour own data. One way we did this was using Tallies. 28 The students started tocollect their own data overTwitter, inspiring their teachersto focus on Data Management. In the months of November & December, the students in grade 4/5/6 at RPS startedtheir DATA MANAGEMENT learning & this is a summary of their learning journey: 3 4 We practiced using a bar graph to represent data. Every bar graph needs: A Title, A Scale, Labels, X & Y Axis We used a pie graph to display our data. We practiced interpreting graphs via twitter. 5 6 We invited Mr. Byrne to collaborate with us. We wanted to know about student attitudes towardsmath. We became HUMANDOUBLE BAR GRAPHS. We used Google Formsto create our own surveysand share them via ourTwitter page for the publicto respond to! 2 In order to celebrate all of ourknowledge about collecting Data, we decided to have some fun. Minute To Win It The grade 5/6's teamed up to create "Minute To Win It"inspired challenges. They collected data by timing all ofthe students who went through their stations. The grade5/6's determined that the most appropriate way todisplay their data was aThe grade 4's partnered up (Partner A & Partner B) & went through each of the challenges, comparing their timeto their partner's time! They decided the most appropriateway to display their data was a LINE GRAPH DOUBLE BAR GRAPH 7 8 We used Plickersto help us practiceMedian, Mean, Mode& Range!
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