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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 lunch How FoodAffected people in Rome Apparently romans never get full so whenever they are feeling like they cant eat anymore they stick a feather down their throat to tickle their uvula which irritates them and results in vomiting, Once they are finished vomiting they continue eating In Ancient Rome food played a big role because not only did it help people survive and prevent hunger but it was used a lot by the rich Romans to show off their wealth to others. The Romans showed off their wealth by hosting banquets and filling the room with a bunch of tasty and exotic meals, this is often known as bread and circuses which is whensomething is offered so as to divert attention forgrievance. The Romans would also give food for example bread to the very poor romans to make sure they don't rebel and attempt anything illegal. "If you go back to the Greeks and Romans, they talk about all three - wine, food, and art - as a way of enhancing life."- Robert Mondavi The romans would eat dinner in late afternoon. The rich would begin with a starter,usually meat (for example pig, hare, goat, beef pigeon, fish, or chicken) followed by a variety of fruits and nuts. Ice cream was more of a treat and lettuce was to be served at the end of a meal because the Romans believed it helped you sleep. The plebeians would usually have porridge with some vegetables, and on special occasions if they can afford fish,bread, olives, and wine, and meat. For the roman soldiers they would just eat a lot of grain (wheat, barley)and maybe even drink it. Roman soldiers weren't supposed to like meat. Breakfastjentaculum the many the many of types Roman DinnerCena and For the Romans breakfast was light and simple. A little salted bread would do the trick for the poor but for the wealthier romans a typical breakfast would include breadwheat pancakes, milk, wine, fruit, cheese, eggs, and honey. The Romansoldiers usually would eat a breakfast of porridge made of wheat or barley. Meals beverages The Food that usually the poor,the common, and the rich would eat consisted of barley or wheat, a little fish, wine, olive oil, home grown vegetables, and if they could afford enough money to own a goat or cow or chickens, cheese and a few eggs. The Roman soldiers meal would usually consist of bacon, homemade bread and cheese, supplemented by vegetables, fish, meat, shellfish, salt and olive oil, together with beer or a thinned out wine, which would normally get mixed with water. Lunchprandium Fun Fact: How did the RomansInfluence thefood today The Romans played a big part in our food chain by introducing a variety of different flavors and ideas that we still value this very day. Some of them include the following hamburger, gelato, pesto, wineTurnips, carrots, apples, pears, grapes cherries and chicken. The idea of selling hot food frombars and shops first came to mind by the Romansand they even came up with the idea of takeaway.
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