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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Road to Success My Road to Success 2014 2016 Make money ($)to support family Obtain a full time accounting/payroll oroffice job Strengths- Time management, Organization Seneca Involvement: clubs (SLAFS), associations, and be on campus Events/Workshops:AccountingMathCitationReading/writing skills Do homeworkstudy hard Weakness-Teamwork, Reading/Writing skills Obtain a Co-op placement and Graduate from Seneca Attend classes & Participate I decided to enter Seneca College after years of working for a post secondary education which is better than just a high school diploma During past years I've been working for minimal pay due to lack of education Resources that will help me succeed:Seneca services, learning centre, library, etc learning centre,professors, do lots of questions for homework for practice, study hard PresentationsAssignmentsEssaysResearch Assignments Expand my Social network through Linkedin, facebook, twitter, friends Semester 2-4 2037 Ways to improve my academics at seneca: For rest of the semesters my goal is to keep studying and work hard to get good grades for co-op and overall GPA, while working during theschool breaks Academic Goal: G.P.A. of 3.5-4.0 at Seneca Start using Social media by: Linkedin, facebook, twitter, friends, attend events/seminars Drive to school Monday-Friday, to be at school on time Hope to retire and enjoy life with family and friends Motivation for success: family, professors and friends support. A lack of post secondary education, To obtain a steady and better paying job 2015-2016 Seneca Graduate Start Seneca 2016-2036 Career Improvement Involvement at Seneca Academic Links for pictures taken from:
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