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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A walk to remember analysis Part 1.1 The stages of moral development he went through were.From him first being immature and hanging out with hisgroup of friends depicted to be the popular kids of the schooland the group making people who want to join their group dodangerous things like meet them at consturction sites and diveoff a high platform (as depicted in the movie. Stage 1 After being punished for what he did to that boy he starts to meet jamie.then throughout the movie he starts to become more and more matureto the point of him leaving his social group because they didn't accept jamie. Stage 2 And by the end of the movie hes in University studying to have a carrerin medicine and had turned into a mature adult. Those were the stagesof moral maturity during the movie a walk to remember. Stage 3 Part 1.2 The first scene where they all meet up at that construction site to initiate that person who wanted to join their group, he came to the sigh and they complained to him ow he was 5 minutes late and they talked about why he was there and what happened then they walked towards a crane tower where he was like youwant to join our group you have to jump of that tower laydon went up the stairs with him and walked all the way to the edge with him when he started to regret his decision to come up there with him laydon pushes him off the platform and it to the water and because he didnt land properly it caused him to have serious back injuries. another scene where he was acting inappropriate was the scene were he was in the gym with other cast players for the play and he was being sarcastic about what they were saying. Part 2 On the news report on andy dick a infamous hollywood comedian was arrected as a suspectfor a hollywood theft case, he is being immature by him stealing money even though he alreadyhas alot of money because of his carrer The movie is about a boy named Laydon and at the start of the movie he is depicted as the cool kid of theschool, with his group and them as a group were depicted as the cool kids or the unofficial leaders of theschool because everyone did whatever they told them to do, an example of this was at the very start of themovie when they all meet up at a construction site to initiate and person into their group and the person didas they were told he meet the their and he climbed the platform but when he had second thoughts about jumping off the platform laydon pushed him off, then after that scene he was in his car after saving the kid hepushed off from drowning he was driving away from the police but he got caught. After that he was in theprinciples office receiving his punishment then he met jamie and he started to change he started to becomemore mature with his decisions and embraced his punishment he started to hang out more with jamie andconnected with her, after the play they did together his group decided to put sexually explicit photos withjamies face around the school and that annoyed both laydon and jamie, laydon began to question his group and fighted with them about the prank leading to laydon punching his friend and leaving the group,soon after since his group was out of the way of his decisions he started to go through her bucket list andcomplete some of the things on it but then she fell ill and her cancer came back, laydon was with her throughout the entire thing and even went to his father to help her and he paid for her home treatmentat the end of the movie they get married but sadly a couple of years later she dies and it ends with him andjamies father talking about her and her mother. Part 3
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