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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DALLAS, ATLANTA, KEY WEST, PUERTO RICO, DENVER, HONOLULU, SAN FRANCISCO, NAPA MAC, OFFICEALOHA, MICROSDINERWARE, SQUARE, LIGHTSPEEDOPENTABLE, REZBOOK, SEATMEPHOTOSHOP, PHOTOGRAPHYWEB DESIGNSOCIAL MARKETINGADP DARRIN SANDER GM / MANAGING PARTNER : 13 YEARSAGM : 3 YEARSMANAGER : 3 YEARSCONSULTANT : 1 YEAR EAT DRINK WORKS - 1 Year - MADRIGAL WINERY - DOUKKALA RESTAURANT - BACCHUS WINE SHOPCAIRDEAN ESTATE - 6 Months - THE FARMER & THE FOX - BUTTERSCOTS BAKERYSUSHI RAN - 5 YearsROY'S RESTAURANTS - 7 YearsHARD ROCK CAFE - 8 Years FIVE CONSECUTIVE SALES &PROFIT GROWTH YEARS AT ROY'S.FIVE CONSECUTIVE SALES & PROFIT GROWTH YEARS AT SUSHI RANSIX NEW STORE OPENINGS MANAGING PARTNER OF THE YEAR '06 & '07 AT ROY'STOP PROFIT GROWTH '08 AT ROY'SBEST STAFF RETENTION '06 - '09 AT ROY'SSF CHRONICLE TOP 100 FIVE YEARS AT SUSHI RANBIB GOURMAND AT THE FARMER & THE FOX 415.300.7772 927 Champion Lane, Napa, CA. 94576 " " RESUME The restaurant culture and artisanal food & drink movement in the Bay Area is one of the most exciting times of my life. There are endless new passionate people creating an ever evolving scene here. Its an exciting industry to be apart of.I have 21 years of managing restaurants in a wide variety of styles, locations and cultures. From established locations to going through the entire opening process. I excel at building and maintaining teams with a great culture and family feel to them, while also being balanced and fair, pushing for great results.One of the bigger challenges in this business is balancing the lines between art and craft with smart business decisions. Being both a warm hospitable leader and host, while also being passionate about numbers, creative solutions and knowing an ever increasingly difficult business regulation environment.I enjoy change and constantly strive for better results. But mostly, I like to create a positive environment so I can ensure my team is happy enjoying their work. As a guest, I can always sense when a restaurant has an inspired team who's staff are self motivated and proud of their product and work.
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