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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HUMANISM Renaissance Europe The Development of Our Western Worldview. The Silk Road RELIGION EDUCATION SOCIAL MOBILITY ART SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY By: Jessie Greer Def.The importance of peoplesthoughts and ideas.Since humanism was against the thought of God, peoplestarted learning more about science andspace instead of religion. Which also influenced lots of art that didnt reflect Heaven or God. Since the birth of Humanism,religion has changed A LOT.This was important because more and more people started believing more in science instead of God creating everything (whichbirthed great scientists andmathematicians like GalileoGalilei and Francois Viete). Education has changed a lot because in theRenaissance there wasn't much education, the only people that really knew how to read andwrite were people of the church, mathematicians, philosophers, and scientists. Now a days almost everyone in the world has some sort of educationwhich is important for every job that you canhave in the modern world. In the Renaissance there wasn't any social mobility at all.Which means if you were born a serf you stayed a serf no matter what. Now in the modern day everyone can move up or down in the social pyramid. This is importantbecause if the social pyramid never crashed when it did then that would mean we wouldn't have come this far in our world because most of the great inventors in modern day would have mostlikely been poor dirty serfs (hypothetically speaking). Art changed because it used to only reflect God, heaven, or so you would just get a good spot in heaven (they believed) but since then, art represents emotion or some sort of feeling or theme. Thats important because now not everyone believes in a God (because of Humanism) which means people will paint or draw what they want to paint or draw because to (some) of them God doesn't even exist. Science has changed because people used to believe Earth was the center of the universe and they thought God created it all, but after the thought of Humanism came along people started to realise that we and several other planets revolved around the sun and more and more people (like I said in religion) started to believe in science more than religion. All of the science discoveries in the Renaissance played a HUGE part in todays discoveries. Or view on technology has obviously changed A LOT since the Renaissance. Probably one of the greatest inventions of the Middle Ages/ The Renaissance is the wheel but one of the greatest inventions of this generation is probably the computer or the first cell phone, etc. Technology from the Renaissance definetely played a role it technology today, like the wheel probably influenced the first idea for a car and even Leonard Da Vinci invented the first tank, parachute, and submarine which have obviously been modernised to fit todays society. We probably wouldnt have any of those thing if it werent for him. The Renaissance played a huge role in the development of our worldview because it was the inventors age and most of our ideas and knowledge came from the Renaissance, so we have The Renaissance to thank for our worldview! Everything started with the Silk Road. New products and ideas came from the East. Many parts of society experienced change because of this. Technology has definitely changed the most out of everything else. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance the greatest inventions they had were the tank, the parachute,the submarine, and many more createdby Leonardo Da Vinci. Now we have the tank, the parachute, and the submarine, but they actually work very well and are modernised a lot. Leonardo Da Vinci (and others) played very important roles in this timeline, and Im glad they were because we probably wouldn't have halfthe things we have if it wasn't for them.
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