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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Zombies Look Like? Would you like to know what zombies look like? Here it is I will tell you. Here are some characteristics, zombies are not fast and walk in to anything that is in their way. They only eat flesh from humans. They have lethal bites and scratches. If you get bit or scratched you will die and turn into one. Their eyes are misty like fog you cant really see their pupils. They only can be killed by a stab to the head. Also, they have flesh that is stinky, gross, and nasty that limps off their skin. Additionally their brain is a big, pile of mush really because they dont use it. Finally if you stab them anywhere other than theirhead they stay alive. In conclusion, these are some characteristics of a zombie. In the city of Baltimore there are many safe ways to evacuate in the event of zombie apocalypse. First,there are over 100 safe shelters to go to that will give you food and water in Baltimore. Second,there are 542 routes to get out of the city in event of a zombie apocalypse. Thirdly,make a plan for which routes you are going to take to get out of Baltimore safely. Fourthly,monitor the news on either a TV or radio so you can be updated on the situation that is occurring. Next,gather a food and water supply that will last you a month and pack it in your car. Then, get a suitcase full of clothes that are fit for the season you are in and pack it in your car too. Once you have gathered all of these things you are set and ready to evacuate Baltimore in event of a zombie apocalypse. A persons relationship to pain is way different than a zombies relationship to pain. A persons relationship to pain is different than a zombies relationship to pain because zombies cant feel pain and people can feel pain and take it way more seriously. One difference, is that zombies dont have a nerve system and people have a nerve system. But, there are many cures to pain that the U.S. has innovated. On the other hand, zombies dont have a nerve system cant feel things that may hurt to us.Like wise,Humans and zombies are both living things,walk like us,and move like us.In conclusion,People and zombies are way different when taliking about the nervouse system. You may have to evacuate a long distance away, if so some things you can do to make sure that you have food are here. The problem is that you cannot always predict whether you will have food if you are traveling far because of evacuation. Also a conflict could be that some animals make it hard to find a suitable water source. There are many solutions. You should have some food stored that you dont have anything to before you eat it. Also, a solution could be simply remembering any food problems your family may have. Another thing you can do is remember to make sure all your food is safe to eat. An answer also could be to know that food that has touched any kind of flood water is not safe to eat. A third solution could be to keep your refrigerator closed because if left closed it can stay chilly for four hours. 40 is the temperature a fridge needs to be in order to keep food fresh. Have at least three days of food stored up, and do not have lots of trash. The last solution is to only drink water that you know is safe to drink. In conclusion, food may be hard to find but if you follow these instructions you will have it much easier. The cause of zombies made human population drop. First, because of zombies 10 out of 100s turn into zombies. As a result, of zombies two third of humans will turn into zombies. Another disease close to a zombie apocalypse is black death. The cause of black death made 75 million estimated dead. 5000 or more people were listed in the official register of deaths between August 1 and November 9 because of black death. Therefore making it one of the most deadly diseases in the world. Another disease similar is yellow fever which took 30,000 lives. When that happened 20,000 left Philadelphia, PA when it hit. Finally, if a zombie apocalypse happened the population would even drop quicker than it did with yellow fever and black death. In conclusion, here are some things to keep in mind if a zombie apocalypse happens. By: Sarah Talbert, Sam Kinney, and Chase Cummings Zombie Apocolypse Evacuation 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 I-95 I-83 I-695 Backroads Possible Food Sources Hunting36% Farming12% Fishing12% CannedFood40% 0 10 20 30 40 Chainsaw Machete Golf Club Jack Hammer 1,000 a Day 29% 100 a Day25% 400 a Day24% 800 a Day22% All of the Above59% Gross withRotting Flesh18% Bloody10% Green13% How do you see a zombie? Most Effective Zombie Weapon Possible Food Sources Speed Of Population Decrease Possible Routes to Get Out of Baltimore
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