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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 north west west coast represented THE UNJUST WAR IN IRAQ HOW IT ALL BEGAN... The UN claimed to have found Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq's hands in 1998. The U.S. demanded thatIraq handed over theWMDs. Iraq refused, and in reply the U.S. ordereda bombing in many Iraqimilitary bases. After that, Iraq banned the U.S. from entering Iraq and cut off all trade routes withthe U.S. as well. The war ended when Saddam Hussein (the leader of Iraq) wasfound and killed. The U.S. didn't gain anything, they only lost many. 3 years later, 9/11 struck in New York. President G.Bush was outraged, and made a call for retaliation althoughother countries disagreed with the rash idea. The opposed war begananyways, on March 17th 2003. 9/11 700 billion dollars were taken from the U.S. economy to fun this war. All that money being take from us, the U.S. citizens. Can we even guarantee that our money is being put to good use, or is it just to pay off one if America's biggest mistakes ever. the deadliest tragedies in America, and was one of the main reasons why this war began. Glancing back, have we gained any security from Iraq or just massacred the entire country for no purpose? was one of Saddam Hussein was killed and found after he went into hiding. However, the U.S.and Britain spent so much time trying to locate Saddam Hussein,when they really should have been protecting their own countries,and looking for Al-Qaeda members, because they pose a larger threat to the U.S.. Later when officials were cleaning up after the war, they discovered no signs of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. After searching UN records, there was no official documentation of found WMDs in Iraq. President G. Bush declared that Iraq was becoming too big of a threat, and it's time to set Iraq straight. The U.S. didn't attempt to demolish Al-Qaeda or locate the WMDs. The war was a complete waste of money and lives. More than 100,000 innocent Iraqi citizens died in the Iraq War.
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