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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Urbanization & The future of urbanization and the environment lies in science and technology Air Pollution 54% of the total global population lives in urban areas Metropolitan areas are undoubtedly linked to economic growth Economic growth is one of the prime reasons cities are urbanized The Solution The Problem Lifestyle changes need to be made Support from government can lead to change, ultimately reducing air pollution and creating sustainable urbanization Shubhankar Bhatt CGW 4U1 - Hurlington Changes in transportation methods, use of electricity, and an increased awareness of global issues Stricter government policies Urban environments do not promote equality Air Pollution is referred to as an international problem, but the solution is rooted in the creation of sustainable cities Action begins with the people! If you want change, implement it! Is it possible to urbanizewhile controlling air pollution? Is it possible to urbanizewhile controlling air pollution? Urbanized areascontribute to air pollution Cities must adopt eco-friendly policies In 1950, 30 percent ofthe world's population was urban In 2050, 66 percent of the world's populationis projected to be urban About 50% of the urban population being monitored is 2.5x above the standards set by WHO The wealthy in urban environments have better opportunity to live sustainably
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