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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CONSULTANT DIETITIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD A. PURPOSE: To recognize individuals who have made significant contributions as a consultant dietitian. Candidates contributions can include any or all of the following: leadership, promoting the field of dietetics, mentoring others in the field of dietetics, sharing their knowledge and expertise, practicing ethical standards of care, staying current in the field, volunteering within and outside of the organization.B. ELIGIBLITY: Nominated dietitian must be a current member of MCD, as defined by the MCD Bylaws, at the time of submission and at the time of award receipt. Current board members are not eligible to receive the award.C. SELECTION PROCESS & CRITERIA: Written nominations for the Consultant Dietitian of the Year Award can be submitted by any member of MCD including ones self. There is a selection committee to determine the award winner.D. ENTRY DEADLINE: All nominations must be received by March 1, 2015 to Lisa Brown. Mailing address is 8415 Palm Street NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433 My email address is E. THE AWARD: There is a $100 cash award and a commemorative plaque.G. RECIPIENT ANNOUNCEMENT: The MCD Consultant Dietitian of the Year Award will be presented by the MCD President, Ruth Fisher at the May 15, 2015 Spring Conference. Dietitian Nominated: Please offer words as to why this individual deserves to be the MCD Consultant Dietitian of the Year (please offer specific details, use additional pages if necessary) Nominated By:
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