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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 As consumers walk into a store, they look for visual cues to guide their purchasing choices.Quoting Lyle Bunn, a leading authority in technology and application of digital signage, visual media at the shelf motivates product selection, shopper conversion and impulse buys.Seeing a brand on the shelf draws attention to the product so that it can be added to a futureshopping list. Shelf media is all about testing out new products and communicating theirbrand in a powerful, visual way." There are 5 crucial questions that must be taken into account when considering shelf level point of purchase media: So how will the Regency Shelf Video Strip improve your business? When the consumer enters the store, they want to buy. Activating the consumer sale by using vivid visuals aids is critical for retail success.Using the strip deters show-rooming (when consumers look at a product, but buy elsewhere). The strip gives a captivating visual aid to the brand. The Regency Shelf Video Strip delivers a brand experience. The advertisement and brand message is conveyed. POPOI states that 70% of purchasing decisions are made at the point-of-purchases. The strip drives last-minute/impulse buying decisions. 2. Will it lead to engagement and selection? 3. What is the capital cost? 4. What are the operating costs? 1. Will it engage consumers? 5. Will it express the brand? Applying the Regency Shelf Video Strip provides a strong visual marker to enhance brand awareness and convert browsers to buyers! For more information please contact Bill Petrie at 416-399-7032 or at
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