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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nature versus Psychologist all around the world have been searching for the causes of aggressiveand violent behaviors in individuals, especially within the serial killer community. Nurture refers to the environmental conditionssomeone experiences. Nurture The brain's abilityto recycle the neurotrans-mitter serotoninfrom the synaptic gap can provide insight into aggressive and violent tendencies. Bufkin & Luttrell (2005)conducted research onactivity in specific areas of the brain that can lead to aggressive and violent behaviors. Research has foundthat those who have an extra Y chromosomewill behave aggressivelyand violently due to extratestosterone in the system. Marco Iacoboni hasfound that failing mirrorneurons can cause aggressive and violent behaviors. (Investigation Discovery) (Bernet et al., 2007) Nature refers to the bodies natural functions in relation to genes and brain areas. Activity levels in specificgenes have been found to correlate with aggressive and violent behaviors. (Bernet et al., 2007) ("Most Evil", 2012) Dr. Roy Baumeister has found that loneliness and seclusion leads to a lack of empathy and thus to aggressive and violent behaviors. Environmental accidentscan lead to aggressive and violent behaviors. Phineas Gage's skull is shown with an iron rod through his head.The accident resulted in injury to the prefrontal cortex which led to lack of empathy. (Bufkin & Luttrell, 2005) Antisocial personality disorder stems from emotional and physical abuse can cause disruptions in the development of brain areas and it's response to certain stimuli. Therefore, aggressive and violentbehaviors become evident asdevelopment continues. (Morana et al., 2006) Application to Serial Killers Edmund Kemper: The "Co-ed Killer" Edmund Kemper, otherwise known as the "Co-ed Killer", murdered 7 women, had sexual intercourse with their decaying bodies, and afterwards consumed the organs of his victims. Marco Iacoboni's research on malfunctioningmirror neurons and their correlation with aggressive and violent behavior can be applied to the murders committed by Kemper. Richard Berkowitz: The Son of Sam Richard Berkowitz experienced social rejection from the very beginning when he was placed in the foster system at birth then his adoptivemother died when he was young and his adoptive father abandoned him not long after. This level of isolation and abandonment is what,according to Dr. Roy Baumeister, led to The Sonof Sam murdering 7 women and attempting to murder 8 other people.
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