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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RCIA yes no Have you continued anycatechetical formationssuch as: the Sacramentsof Eucharist and Confirmation? You are a catechumen!- An unbaptized adult, who is preparing to receive all of the sacraments of Christian initiation. You are a candidate!You have received thesacrament of Christianbaptism but have not yet continued anyCatechetical formations. Those newly received into the church throughthe Sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil. You are alreadya member of theCatholic Church! Right of Christian Initiation of Adults yes What is the Rite of Acceptance? This is done into the Order of Catechumens.It is a dialogue between the priest and the inquirerwhere the inquirer, after knocking on the church door,proclaims their desire to follow Christ. This is donebefore Pentecost so that the inquirer may be eligible forinitiation during the next Easter Vigil. What is the Rite of Election? Steps in RCIA: 1. Inquiry: the period of inquiring about the faith, the candidate must find a sponsor to evaluate if they were truly willing to follow Christ and the process of Baptism. This stage involves the curiosity towards the faith.2. The second step, Catechumenate, emphasizes the importance of being involved in the liturgy of the Church and learning the Catholic faith through the example of the sponsors. This step also includes learning more about what it means to live a Christian life. 3. The third step is Purification. Purification, also known as Enlightenment or Illumination, is the process of evaluating one's life through intense prayers which further prepares one for the sacrament. And since is occurred around the time of Lent, this reminded the "chosen ones" how crucial repentance and conversion is. It is at the end of Lent where the elect finally receives the sacrament. 4. Finally, the fourth step is Mystagogia which means "mysteries." It is the time where the "neophytes,"or those who newly received the sacrament of Baptism, are actively devoting themselves in the activities and liturgy of the Church. How do I sign up? RCIA CLASSES Will Begin in Fall 2014 at Saint Vincent de Paul Church! SAVE THE DATE- ORIENTATION on Sept 7th @ 10:30am in Family Center! Beginning after Labor Day, the RCIA group meets weekly on Sundays from 9am to 11:30am until Easter in 2015. In order to register for RCIA, you will need to setup a meeting with an RCIA Team member PRIOR to the fall orientation. Can I be in RCIA? What is a neophyte? Are youbaptized? no The catechumens celebrate the Liturgy of the Word together which recalls the sin committed by Adam and Eve. After a short prayer is said asking God to cleanse us from our sins, the second reading and Gospel proclaims Jesus as the New Adam who obeyed the Father Almighty. And despite His humanity, Jesus was free from sin. A dialogue then takes place between the priest and godparents as the elected catechumens express their desire to receive the Sacraments of Initiation by signing the Book of Elect. -Sponsors act as a spiritual guide; they need to exemplify being a person of prayer!-The population of the number of adults baptized in 2014 is about 38,042. -The Catholic population in 2014 is about 66.6m. Stats
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