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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RAPIDO: Keep Texas Housed In 2008, Hurricane Dolly struck worth of to the South Texas coast. $1.35 billion In response to the slow gains, the Community Development Corporation of Brownsville (CDCB) and the Dallas-based design firm bcWORKSHOP brainstormed an innovative new housing strategy. , families are placed in home coreunits whichinclude a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. homes can be easily enlarged by connecting winged extensions. The thinking goes that low income families can expand their homes with future financing. unfinished RAPIDO homes are designed to permanentlyhouse families within of a . RAPIDO cores cost around to construct. $90,000 In contrast, FEMA trailers cost between and without providing any permanent solution for stranded families. $60,000 $70,000 Six For more information regarding Keep Texas Housed and the South Texas Colonias, please visit days disaster double click to change this title text! damages In order to full complete a RAPIDO home,the CDCB expects that a finished product will cost . Initially $15,000 design RAPIDO years later, many redevelopmentprojects linger . The product of this colaboration was calledthe "Lower Rio Grande Valley Re-housing Program,"or . RAPIDO founding One of the concepts of this project is that low income consumers must be directly involved in the of the new home. The RAPIDO program indicates the innovative program development occurring in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and the value of supporting local organizations as they struggle to achieve their goals.
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