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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RAM, ROM, and V-RAM RAM ROM RAM stands for Random AccessMemory, it is used by the PCto temporarily store data (i.eif you have a word documentopen, he process will be storedin the RAM till you close or saveit, or the machine is powered off.RAM is volatile, this means thatonce the machine is powered offany data being stored on it will belost. This is RAM ROM stands for Read only Memory,this means you can only read from it,not write to it if it already has data on it,unless your using a EPROM orEEPROM, EPROM means erasableprogrammable read only memory,this means the only way to erase it iswith UV light shining on a tiny hole inthe top of the chip, EEPROM iselectronically erasable programmablememory, this means it can be erasedusing a computer, EPROM's whereused on the ZX spectrum. Most ROMchips or hard disks, are non-volatile,this means that after the pc is poweredoff hey don' lose the data stored. V-RAM V-RAM stands for virtual randomaccess memory, this works inthe same way as RAM, but usesspace on your hard disk, it is usefulif your PC doesn't have much RAMo you want more withoutspending much. It is very goodbut very slow, much like your grandma. V-RAM,much like RAMis volatile, this means that it isvolatile, after the pc is turned offit loses anything stored in it. This is an EPROM chip it has atiny hole in the op that if you shinea UV light into, will erase everything on the chip
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