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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 David Chase- Creator and executive producer .Dick Wolf- Creator and executive producer( Law & Order) Michael Hirschorn-Executive vise-president of original programing and programingJeff Zucker- CEO,NBC Universal TV groupLorne Michaels and Tina Fey- Executive producer and head writer(member of Saturday Night Live) Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 1906:Lee De Forest invented his "Audion: tube, which is a type of vacuum. Also used a amplifier for the transmission of the human voice.1918:President Woodrow Wilson used the radio< his broadcast preceded by more than a decade.1920:The first commercial radio stations with regular scheduled broadcast where "8MK" went on air in August, "KDKA" went on air in November. 1921:First sports broadcast was called the " Dempsey Carpenter Flight on July 2,1921.1922: Donna Hal per researched that songs from Broadway "Shuffle song" was performed live by the original cast. 1924: National Political Conventions were heard on a nationwide network during the 1924 nomination seasons.1925: The Grand Ol opry appeared, and was on many stations. 1926: The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) was established by RCA in 1926. 1927: The Columbia Cast System was (CBS) was funded. 1928:The Amos and Andy show moved to NBC. Important and influential people in the radio business. Important and influential people in the radio business. The Golden Age was the time period when peace, harmony, stability and prosperity. During this time humans didnt have to work to feed themselves. They lived a very long time and died peacfully and their spirits lived as "guardians". The importantce of The Golden Age The Golden Age
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