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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Importance of Embargo Act Key People Involved Failure Results Neutrality proclamation Similarity's and Differences Llega el documento a la CRA The Embargo Act failed!It resulted with smuggling.People became jobless andfarm prices dropped by a lot.It hurt the American economy more than it did the British and French economys. President Thomas Jeffersonwas the main person involved.He took some serious steps to make sure that the embargoworked. Just after the Act had failed, the Congress repealed the Act. As a result of the Act, it produced economic hardship, evasion of the law and political disagreement at home. This proclamation was made by George Washington in 1793. It was made todeclare that our nation wouldstay neutral during the conflictbetween Great Britain and France. One similarity is that theyboth have to do with theNapoleonic Wars. One difference is that one had to do with peace,and the other one hadto do with violence andwar. Through the act it created hardships but in the end itformed a stronger economy.They also learned a lessonfrom their mistakes. The Neutrality Proclamation lacked importance because 19 years later Great Britain and America had a war in 1812. * PáginaWEB* Correo electrónico.* Correo certificado* Personal Correspondencia Paralelamente el responsable (Lyda) asigna TRD cuando está digitalizado el documento Radicación documentos Oficina Asesora de Planeación y TIC * Imprime y radica* Asigna número radicado * Invitaciones* Solicitud de capacitaciones* Eventos Leer el documento Jefe de la Oficina Asesora de Planeación
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