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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Quoll Quoll carnivorous marsupial animal. Quoll is come from Australia, and four different type of quoll is find in Australia.maccord to history, quoll have been in Australia for fifteen thousand years. The quoll have different size and weight, they weight from 300g to 7kg. Quoll also got the different colour of fur, most quoll have brown or black fur and pink nose. Most quoll mating during winter season, after the mating. Girl quoll can give birth up to 18, but there only 6 of them can be above and get milk from the mother. Quoll usually eat rabbit, small bird, lizard or other insects. An adult is about 15cm to 75cm long and the tail of quoll is between 20 to 30 centimetre. Females have six nipples and develop a pouch during the breeding season, which opens toward the tail and female put the baby put in the pouch. The bigger quoll have less life. The west and east man quoll have weight 1.3kg and female have weight 0.9kg. The tiger quoll is the biggest quoll in the quoll, man have the weight 7kg and female quoll have weight 4kg. The North quoll is the smallest, man quoll have the weight 400g to 900g and female have weight 300g to 500g tap and hold to change this header text! Tiger quoll is most largest quoll in the quoll family. Tiger quoll usually sleep during the day and find the food in the night. In the night quoll alway get insects, crayfish, lizards, snakes, birds, domestic poultry, small mammals, platypus, rabbits, arboreal possums, pademelons, small wallabies, and wombats for food.quoll also can eat large creature like feral pig, dingoes, and kangaroos. Quoll usually use caves, tree hole and other moist forests round them.
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