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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SOLDIERS HEART Battle Of the Bull Run The author implies that he is the only one who is shocked by the brutality of this battle but he is not the only one who is. In the story he wakes up in the middle of a battle and he thought that these battles would be fun but everyone around him is dying and he realizes that these battles are horrifying. The author used sequence of events to get his point across. The Second Battle In the end of chapter 6 in A Soldier's Heart By Gary Paulsen it presents the events of the battle. The first event is when a rebel soldiers comes out yelling a battle cry then the union soldiers started shooting but the rebels did not. Then the rebels start to retreat but charlie wants to chase them and kill them all. Then charlie finds nelson lying on the ground with a bullet wound then as soon as charlie walks away he hears a gunshot and diseased that he is ready for the second battle. The author uses the text structure sequence of events. The Battle of Gettysburg In the end of chapter 9 of A Soldier's Heart by Gary paulsen it presents the events of the battle of Gettysburg. When Charlie doesn't feel scared and feels how battles should feel. Then they start to charge the union so the union charges back and the author leaves us with Charlie being dead or not dead or just knocked out. At last he was done, last he was deadthe text structure that the author used was sequence of events. By Quinn Hankins
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