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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 To be verified/clarified Generate Actions Have a clearer codification Only 25% have the salary with us. How we can increase? (mobile team, more offers, campaigns, actions) Do we need more than 9% or not?Yes we need, and we should use this period in order to increase (eg. Partnerships, Cluj event)We can also offer them other products (CC cash collateral, instant cards for students with some facilities). If we have results in Cluj, we can continue the strategy in other towns also.Create other products or offers containing liabilities and loans (BPL loans, P3 pensions, use Telekom partnership to increase on IB transactions, insurance during university for the first year after they finish so that they can have the opportunity to have a master if they dont get a job or continue it even if they have a job or use the money for getting a house etc).We can make a research/ focus group in the universities to test them and see what products they need/want PBS/Salary/Pensions Pension for this category? Low DD/SO (50% of DD are signed online) - increaseContact Center + Mobile team help us increase these types of transactionsUse Telekom Partnership negotiate with them to have DD in BCR; have their employees work as agents for BCR PPI use PT to help us increase (we have small chance to sell something tocustomers who have loans at BCR for 4-5 years) Do something new for PBS How can we constantly increase? We have to understand why we do not sell CC and OVD by default. Increase from 20% to 30% State allowance for this category? Clarify the difference between PBS and salary (regardingcodification and from business perspective) Why do we have a difference between salaries (aprox. 98 000 customers) and those who have “¾ income (140 000)? Does this last category include PBS +allowance + pensions? Increase Cross Sell rate until 2 products/ customer
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