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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Is there a problem with regular saving product (Maxicont)? To be verified/clarified Generate Actions It may be better to change 1 and 3 months deposits into Maxicont => explain our customers why it is better for them to have Maxicont. Can we gain from deposits in order to cover what we lose from BPL or other liabilities? Do we need more than 9% or not?Yes we need, and we should use this period in order to increase (eg. Partnerships, Cluj event)We can also offer them other products (CC cash collateral, instant cards for students with some facilities). If we have results in Cluj, we can continue the strategy in other towns also.Create other products or offers containing liabilities and loans (BPL loans, P3 pensions, use Telekom partnership to increase on IB transactions, insurance during university for the first year after they finish so that they can have the opportunity to have a master if they dont get a job or continue it even if they have a job or use the money for getting a house etc).We can make a research/ focus group in the universities to test them and see what products they need/want Liabilities Liabilities Retention CCR possibilities for retentionLearn to maintain the customers, but inthe good price (not negotiated cost vs revenue) Review the structure of bundles and feesWe want to cover more transactions and introduce fees for cash transactions (including desk transactions) Do we want to sell Maxicont? It is profitable for us? Recover the maintenance fee - introduce a termination fee (it is used by other banks) eg: if the customer does not want to pay the fee, but want the CA closed , he will have to pay more. Subsidiaries it is ok for usif they achieve their budget? Redesign onboarding process
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