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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The current lead in this 2016 election is the one and only Queen Victoria because she has the ideal traits that Americans admire in their leaders. They support Victoria because of her decisiveness, vision, cooperation with people, courage, and ability to motivate. As President Victoria will be able to use these traits and bring the Golden Age to America. Victoria Queen for Your vote for Your freedom Vision Motivate Cooperation Queen Victoria has lead countries to greatness in the pastthrough the use of hervision for the futureof her countries. People need a leaderwho can rally them together for a commonpurpose. Queen Victoriahas a history ofconvincing people to help improve society. America has been following a certain path for too long.Queen Victoria hasthe courage to changethis path to a roadto greatness. The people of Americaneed someone who can be a team with themrather than a dictator.Queen Victoria excellsat making people a partof decisions for the country. double click to change this title text! Vote "As President of the United States,I will be making the future brighterfor generations to come. I promiseto encourage good decisions and uphold the laws and norms of oursociety." ~Queen Victoria Decisive "My goal is to make the United States of America abetter place. In order to do that, I need the people in our society to know that I have the best characteristics in this task." ~Queen Victoria Quick on her feet, Queen Victoria always come through in fast and important decisions. Whileshe was Queen of Englandshe was quick to make wisedecisions for the good ofthe country. Courage Vote for Queen Victoria as President of the United States of America. Her quick decisive nature allows for her to make the right decisions quickly for our country as a whole. She has a vision for a successful and flourishing country. She has the courage to do the right thing, even if its against the grain. She can make this country get a move on and start taking actions, rather than sit around and wait. the STATE of the ELECTION
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