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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What are some ways that Quantum Physics have affected human society? Then become a Quantum Physicist Quantum Physics is the study of physics about the laws of objects at the atomic and subatomic level.Due to the fact that objects at atomic and subatomic level are affectedby how they are observed, these objects can be viewed as either waves or particles. What is Quantum Physics? How is work carried out? Quantum Physics makes usage of many different theories such as: What qualifications do I need? It depends on what type of job that you are looking for but the bareminimum is a bachelor's degree in physics where you can work inindustry, government, or hospital laboratories as technicians.A bachelor's degree is enough to become a technician but a master's degree in physics is highly recommended if you want to be a researcher. A doctoral degree is required if you want to do extensive research at a university or a government facility. How much does a Quantum Physicist earn? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, physicists make an average of$106,360 USD per year. According to Indeed, Quantum Physicists make an average of $93,000 USD per year.According to Simply Hired, Quantum Physicists make an average of $67,000 USD per year. What sort of work are Quantum Physicians doing right now? Some work done currently by Quantum Physicists are quantum computers , instantaneous communication, quantum cryptography, and teleportation. There is also a new principle being worked on called "Quantum Entanglement" where "two particles are quantumly linked to each other regardless of how far apart they are" accordingto The Royal Society. Do you want to learn how particles works? Do you want to research the field of physic that led to the influential Bohr-Einstein debate? Quantum Physics has resulted in many different practical devices. First, there is the transistor which is used in personal computers.It replaced vacuum tubes which were big and too fragile. Also, Quantum Physics is responsible for lasers which are used in CDs, laser mice, and other devices. Finally, Quantum Physics isresponsible for digital cameras and night-vision goggles.Quantum Physics has also resulted in the realization that we cannot rely on Newton's laws to explain how the worldworks because it cannot explain the behaviour of everything.Quantum Physics was the beginning for chemistry since itexplained the structure of an atom. It also explained whatradioactivity is. Figure 3: A blu-ray player uses a laser which was discovered through Quantum Physics Planck's Constant (h = 6.626 x 10 ^-34 joules-seconds) which is a "fundamental physical constant characteristicof the mathematical formulations of quantum mechanics"according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Quantum Physicists use equipment such as springs, oscillators, waveplates, mirrors, nanospheres, particle accelerators, powerful computers, and lasers. Schrรถdinger's Equation which shows how a particle behaves over time. Einstein's Theory of Relativity which states "that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and that the speed of light in a vacuum was independent of the motion of all observers" according to The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle which states that it is impossible to measure both the position andmomentum of a particle accurately. Compton effect which is the "increase in wavelength of X-rays and other energetic electromagnetic radiations that have been elastically scattered by electrons"according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Figure 2: Through Quantum Physics, vacuum tubes were replaced by the transistor for home usage. Figure 1:Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr at Paul Ehrenfest's house from Wikipedia Figure 4:A D-Wave Two Quantum Computer at NASA
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