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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Preparing for the Q&A Why Do You Want to Work for Us? Be very specific as to why you want to work for the company with an answer that doesnt involve a higher salary. You can talk about the opportunities for growth and the company's position in the industry, for example. Tell Me About Yourself The answer should be longer than 1 minute but shorter than 3 minutes. To answer this question, talk a little about where you grew up,your education, and any relevant workexperience you have. Be sure toconcentrate a lot of your time on your career. In answering this question, it is important to show that you are fair, level-headed, and civilized. In your reply, you should think of an example where you used your rational judgment and level-headedness tosolve a personal conflict at work. Have You Ever Had a Conflict With Someone at Work? How Did You Handle it? Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years? This question is used to gauge your mid-term goals and see if you are going to stick around if they hire you. The best answer to this question is to say that you hope that you will still be with the company but in a role with more responsibilities. What is Your Greatest Strength? Answer with a positive trait of yours and give a specific example of how that strength was showcased in a work setting. You should pick a strength that can be adapted to the job. What is Your Greatest Weakness? Doing well on the job interview is crucial to getting the job, no matter how impressive your resume is. Check out these sample questions and suggestions on how to answer them. Your answer should be truthful yet memorable. Be honest about your weaknesses but also talk about what steps you have taken to improve upon those weaknesses.
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